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How To Remotely Kill a Modern Car

In the past, the worst scenario where someone took over your vehicle, was a hijacking or theft. Now this can be done remotely.
This doesn’t mean somebody can remotely start your car and drive it to where they want with no driver (yet!), but things like car functionality and turning the engine on and off can now be hacked and controlled.

The guys over @ performed a little experiment where a journalist drove a Jeep down the highway while two hackers were able to remotely control things like screen wipers, sound system and the ignition.
This may sound like a scary ‘Big Brother’ future, but our modern computerized cars have this functionality as a benefit. It’s just now creative types can hack into that systems and control them.
If a computer system is not completely enclosed to the outside world, people will just try and break into it, just because they can. And this is what the experiment proves.

The hackers performing this test are not showing off their hacking abilities, but proving to the automotive industry that better safeguards are needed for vehicles, such as better software updates and security, more or less how we have to think about our desktop computers and security.

As cars become more computerized and managed by software, the more security fixes are needed by the manufacturers.
I really don’t want to be concerned with which software update my car is on, basically treating my car like my home computer.
I would prefer to just get in the car and drive, so a happy medium needs to be found.
But once we are into the realms of remote updates and diagnosis on cars, it means potentially anybody can try and knock on the software door of your car and attempted break in.
Totally closed software systems would mean more inconvenience and cost to the Car owner, as they would have to take their vehicles into the garage for an update. Like a mini service.

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