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7 Best-Selling American Cars You Never See Anymore

It’s a feeling that creeps up on you, that sensation when you realize that something is suddenly gone. Just a few years ago, the automotive landscape was littered with Dodge Caravans, Chevy Cavaliers, and Ford Crown-Victorias. Now, they’re practically nonexistent. Where did they all go?

Obviously, we know where they really went (the crusher), but more importantly, their loss represents the realization that an era is over. It’s the circle of automotive life, when a model becomes so popular it saturates the landscape, hangs around for a few years, then slowly begins to dwindle until it becomes a curiosity, before finally disappearing forever.

From out of the ether, here are 7 American cars that used to be everywhere, but are now little more than a footnote in automotive history.

1. 1957 Ford

2. AMC Hornet

3. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


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