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Top Common Car Myths Debunked and You Thought…..

Automobiles have become an inextricable part of society for nearly 250 years. And in that length of time, it’s not surprising that a couple of myths about cars have popped up along the way. Some of these myths are weird, funny, and even dangerous. And some of them actually have a bit of truth to it.

Today, you can find thousands of car-related myths circulating around the Internet.

Myth #1: Manual transmissions are more fuel efficient than automatics

Fact: While the automatics during your father’s time were highly inefficient in fuel consumption, recent advances such as variable transmission technology have put automatic transmission at an even playing field with their manual counterparts. Some experts even say the automatic transmissions found in recent models result in better mileage than those who run on a manual stick.

Myth #2: Pouring sugar on fuel tank will brick the engine

Fact: Sugar dissolved in your car’s gasoline will certainly damage the engine, but it’s likely to get caught by the fuel filter first. So while your engine may be out of danger, you will need to replace the fuel filter and even the fuel tank due to contamination.

Myth #3: Jet fuel can make your car go faster

Fact: Aside from the difficulty of legally acquiring aviation-grade fuel, jet fuel will not make your car run at all. This is because aircraft fuel is mainly comprised of kerosene, which gasoline or diesel engines are unable to burn properly. In one incident, several gas stations in New Jersey accidentally pumped jet fuel into cars, causing them to stall repeatedly.


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